Loose ends...

I finished the 2 pairs of baby socks that I had OTN (at the SAME time!) I ended up tuckign the little balls of yarn into the socks and that eliminated the tangled strands and made knitting a lot quicker! these are the leftovers from Todds socks with Todd's socks. I didn't bother with a heel so that there is some growing room. I'm calling these "Tiny Todd".

Next is the set for donation made with the leftovers from my Phish socks. I decided to call this the "mermaid" set. I decided to continue with the feather and fan pattern and the crochet picot edge on both the hat and socks - also tube socks for growing room. As you can see, the socks are quite fraternal, but I didn't have enough yarn left to even attempt to try to match them up. I actually only had a couple of inches left.

And here is a picture (finally!) of Cargo's legs. I tried taking a close up of the hem detail, but it came out blury, so I'll have to re-take that one as well as one of the PJs I made. as for this pattern, the only changes that I made were to the gage. I didn't use the specified yarn b/c it was cotton and I plan to use these as soakers, so I needed wool. I fell in LOVE with this wool and tho I didn't get gage with the specified needle size, I really liked the fabric I was getting with it. so I adjusted the # of stitches so that the measurements worked out. the designer has a measured diagram included with the pattern. (you can find it at Knitty.com BTW). I also picked out a cabled cardi pattern to go with it. I haven't tried cables yet, and I figured I'd start small. It should be a nice fall set...

Now that I got the knitting out of the way.... Ryan had his sleep study on Friday night. I was SOOOO proud of him! he just sat in the chair and let the tech attach all of hte leads! and there were a LOT! it took about a half hour to get it all hooked up! once he was plugged in and in bed, he was afraid to move, but then we snuggled up and he fell right asleep! he had 4 on his scalp (to read the sleep state), one on each temple (I think those were sleep state as well) , one onhis upper lip, two on the cheeks and the canula in the nose (those were all to read mouth/nose breathing - the canula was to pick up CO2 levels), and 2 on his chest (heart monitoring I think). he also had a snoring mike on his throat, a pulse O2 meter on his finger and 2 belts around the abdomen to measure chest & diaphram breathing adn a third belt that held the little box that a bunch of the wires hooked into. he had soem pretty active REM cycles and he kept rubbing his nose and takign the canula out. the tech said that he did really well. a lot of people (incl adults) will rip them off in their sleep involuntarily. she waited unitl the REM cycle was over and came in to put it back on. he only fully woke once as far as I know... I warned the tech that he is pretty unbearable when he wakes up, and he is downright EVIL if you have to wake him up (tho I have discovered that food wards off this evil!) so she tried to get most off of him before he woke. he - of course- woke as she was taking them off, but he was only a little fussy. oh- and for the first time in a blue moon, he actually woke up dry!!! so anyway.. now we wait for the report.. should be done by thursday and then Todd will go to a f/u with the Dr.


  1. Oh, those baby tube socks are the CUTEST!!! I love them! I must make some for my new grandbaby next January. You do lovely knitting :-)