Phish Phinished!

So I finally phinished my phish socks. didn't take too long once I picked it up again. I did the "tail" in pattern in GS and I bound off with a SC picot. I'm really happy about how they came out! I really like working toe-up.. perfect fit! I'm making a premie hat/socks set to donate with the leftover yarn. I've also been chugging away at Cargo but that St St gets old fast... and it isnt' very exciting to watch.. I'll post pics when I've got more progress.

I also got a bit of sewing done too. I finished my nursing PJs. I did a lettuce leaf edge on the hem of the top and shorts and I did a decorative stitching on the bodice. I was SO excited to find the wooly nylon! they only had it in 1 color and it was the one I happened to need! I made a "snakeskin" HH for Ryan too. He wore it last night - as soon as I finished it! and I washed them all today. Guess which one he HAD to wear tonight???? I also sewed the velcro for a bunch more diapers - the last 3 smalls and 5 of the next size up. Now I just need to wait for my Procare and buttonhole elastic to come in and assemble them. I'm going to try using the buttonhole elastic in the leg so that I can cinch them up getting longer wear out of them. I may use it in the back too..

As for me & the squirt.. he still has no name.. we need to put the carseat in... I only want to sit on my ball...and I bought my new pump today (the old one was more than a little "tired" and the new one has the 2-phase let-down cycle so it will be more efficient).


  1. The socks look wonderful. And how you manage all that knitting and sewing with 2 little men in the house is beyond me.

    Don't worry about coming up with a name for the new baby. My daughter's due date is 8/11 and they still haven't decided on a name.

  2. LOL! thanks! I think I do it because I've got 2 little men running around. It's a meditative thing I think... my moment of zen...