Colin Scott Berger

was born Sunday, August 27th, 2006 at 3:32am. He weighed 9 pounds even and measured 21". Tho he was not my biggest, he was by far the hardest delivery! After a bit of a bumpy begining, he is doing terrific now!

Short Version (according to Ryan): "Mommy poopied him out!"

Long version (according to Mommy): Like the others, my labor strarted out slow and easy. Thursday and Friday I was having contractions 20minutes apart and increasing in pressure after my visit with my wonderful midwife, Katy. Friday night we decided on the name. Saturday morning they got as close as 10 minutes apart- Still increasing in pressure, but still not at all painful, so we decided that we really should go to the mall for the car seat safety inspections and have the new seat installed ( talk about timing!). Knowing we still had a long road ahead, we thought we'd walk the mall a bit and get things moving. Todd found the now infamous Iron Maiden onesie and I picked up a copy of one of the Yarn Harlot's books. We went home and and Todd napped while I went for a walk. I came back and when contractions were 3-5 miuntes apart adn getting a lot more pressure, but still not painful. I decided to give Katy a call and give her a hads up. We decided to meet her at the hospital in an hour. We wandered in at about 10:30pm and I had gone from 3 to 4 cm and thinned out a bit more. she had me walk a bit more before she could officaially admit me. After our walk, she broke my water and put in a hep lock b/c of my history of big babies (higher risk of hemmorage). I got comfy on the ball and was even able to rest between contractions. they even let me stay there while I was on the monitors.....until transition hit. NOW it was painful!! We knew he'd be there soon. the contractions were on top of one another and I could'nt stop shaking! it was only a few minutes before I neede to push. Appearantly, he decided that he needed to turn face up during my labor, wrapping his cord around his neck in the process! even tho he was comming quickly, his heart rate started to drop. I found out later that was when she cut the episiotomy, then cut more when she realized he was completely face up. but, just a couple more puses and his head was out and the cord untangled. one more and he was in my arms!! he was not cryibg and pretty limp. the nurse rubbed him with the towel and he started to cry and pink up. he was still pretty lethargic and not intrested in nursing. the pedi nurse took him to the warmer and suctioned him well and brought him back to me. he latched right on and has been nursing like a champ ever since! because of his size, they've kept a close eye on his blood sugar. he had a few low ones and we need to follow up at the pediatrician's tomorrow, but we're home and we're doing fine now. definately a MUCH slower recovery for me, but it could have been SO much worse. the L&D nurse (a midwife "back home" ) said that it was great that I went natural b/c the delivery would have been FAR more complicated had I not been able to know how/when to push.

Despite his rough entry, he's been a textbook baby ever since! eating every 2 hours, napping in between. and he's SO cute!!! we came home last night and spent the day getting settled in. Andy starts Kindergarten tomorrow and Ryan's first day of school is the next day! they are SO excited about being big brothers! Does Colin look just like Ryan or what???

sorry about the typos- NAK! get used to it!

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  1. I loved reading your birth story - thanks for sharing. I have a doozy of my own (labour lasted 50 minutes and baby born on my bed before the ambulance got there!) and I'm so glad everything turned out okay. The onsie is so funny LOL. Give him a big kiss and cuddle from "down under" :-)