It's official!

somebody hand me the keys to the minivan b/c I'm officially a soccer mom!!! we signed Andy up last week, but it wont start until school starts. He's SO excited!

Hmmm.. what else... I've started knitting on Cargo in a green "Galway Highland Heather" which is actually made in Peru! go figure.... I LOVE the hem technique she uses in this pattern! I'm enjoying the yarn so much that I may go get more and make a matching sweater.

I've also sewn a few diapers. I made the snakeskin ones and a couple more fitteds out of some old flannels and t-shirts. I'll take some pics when they are all done. oh- I also made a hat for Andy out of the Pumpkin colored LB wool-ease T&Q that I bought last fall.. better late than never! He really doesn't need a thick wool hat in the summer BUT he needed to feel like mommy loves him too (and I do!) I need to cut out the fabric for my shorts for my PJs tonight.

exciting life, huh? it's not easy to get a whole lot done when you're feeling like a wishbone...

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  1. Not much longer until the baby. How exciting.