Elves will fix your lawn mower

I've been too busy, hot, tired and pregnant to keep up with the weeds. The mower broke weeks ago.. we thought it was just water in the gas..nope. changed the air filter..nope. then Todd gave up and tried to hack back the overgrown hedges. First, he cuts the cord, then he gets a near fatal case of poison ivy.... and there our yard sits... no more trailer or demolition debris in my driveway... but the jungle was swallowing up the kids pool and sandbox..

I was whining to mom about my redneck yard yesterday and I was telling her about Todd's frustrating attempts at yard work. I told her how he said "...and the lawnmower is still broken..." and then I told her "does he think elves are comming to fix the stupid thing?"

so, today Todd calls me at work to tell me that my dad just dropped off the lawnmower. I didn't know he took it.. neither did Todd. hmmm I told my Mom that I was just whining and that I wasn't asking dad to fix it. she had no idea what I was talking about..... gotta love my dad!

I also had a MW appt tonight! I'm down to every week now! I have the GBS test next week.. not bringing the boys to that one! and I scheduled the rest of my appts! oh- he's head down and she won't try to stop my labor at this point! and appearantly having BH contrax every time I move is a "third baby thing."

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