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ok- very Random post today.... lots of things to catch up on...

First.. A little birdie told me I should be congratulating someone.... I swear it is NOT possible for me to be pregnant w/o someone I know getting knocked up too! at least it isn't a sister or SIL this time!

Second.. The stupid bridge!! does anyone else know what a PITA it is to have the drawbridge out of order on the weekends.. when I run my errands.. there are only 4 blocks adn a drawbridge between me, the grocery store and Joann's (the one that actually carries a good supply of yarn!) SO I've yet to buy food this week AND I ran out of yarn for my KO project! I went to the other joann's b/c they do have some yarn BUT not hte color I needed. not a total waste tho. I found buttons and orange slices (mmmm).

Third.. the KO progres report! Well, I didn't get off to a very good start. Todd called me on the way home and asked me to meet him at a friends house to get the boys. if I did that, we wouldn't get home unitl 6 or 6:30 and THEN I could start dinner. Not a huge deal for me, but if hte boys aren't fed by 6, they turn into Gremlins! SO, since my mom is only 10 minutes from the friend, we went over there for dinner. not much of an impediment to knitting EXCEPT that he called me AFTER he left the house where my knitting sat unloved and alone until 10! EIGHT hours after the KO began!!! I felt like I HAD to knit something.. so I pulled my "emergency sock" out of my purse and got a couple inches done on that, but that got me NO closer to the gold.. I did get a reprieve and some catch up time on Saturday tho. Todd's car went in for the 90k service, a new timing belt (it was due) and water pump (it was leaking.. so at least it was under warranty!). SO I was w/o car for several hours and had nothing better to do than knit. got the boys to bed early and knit. Sunday I shoveled and did some house work, but the boys went to bed early, so I sat in bed with the hoodie and ABC's Sunday line-up. About halfway through DH and the hood.. I RAN OUT OF YARN!!!! so I did the crochet spots in the CC and whip stitched them on. I sewed the buttons on, and wove in all of my ends. Now I need more yarn! all in all this is going a LOT faster than I anticipated... I may make another as a gift for my soon to be Godson. I won't promise getting it done BEFORE the torch goes out (he'll need a bigger size!.) .. but we'll see. double gold? I'll get MORE yarn tonight.. another problem is what to use to sew the side seams.. I'm thinking just a needle and thread....

Fourth.. It's a redneack blizzard! I decided that the storage container in my driveway with the old cabinets, panneling, dishwasher, and sink piled behind it weren't redneack enough, so I parked on my lawn YEE HAW!

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  1. Good luck on your KO project! and "yay" redneck parking! lol