baby dragons

Some people have had a hard time finding the patterns I'm using for the KO. here is the basic sweater from LB:
and Here is Marnie's Dragon Hoodie Pattern

my changes:
  • LB has discontinued the Terryspun, so I am using CHenille T&Q - see PP for color swatches.
  • The basic sweater has SG sleeves and hood. I'm going to do tehm in St st but I'll continue the GS edging like the body.
  • Marnie's ears are knit seperately and tehn sewn on. I hate hand sewing. that is why I have 2 machines and a serger... I think I will pick up and knit the ears right to the hood. I think...
  • the spine is crocheted seperately and sewn on. I don't think so! I'll pick up the knit stitches and sc into them. no futzing with the length of the chain that way either.
  • spots are either intarsia or applique. real dilema for me here. I've never done colorwork, so this is an opportunity to try it out, BUT I'm on a schedule here. also the gauges are diferant for the 2 patters, so I can't use Marnie's chart. I could easily crochet round spots and whip stitch them on...
  • zipper or button? the LB has 1 button, Marnie's has a zipper. what do you think? I'm not crazy about just 1 button.. I may do 2 or 3...

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