I've joined "Team Hooker" for the KO. no button as of yet :( I am clueless when It comes to making them, so I guess I can't complain too much... Team Hooker is made up of Crocheters who knit. Many knitters can crochet enough to do an edge, but not may crocheters will take the plunge into knitting. Crochet is faster - mroe instant gratification, but some things are just nicer knit.. IMO anyway..

on the baby front... Daddy has decided that we'll find out the sex at the next u/s. I'm 11w today and the u/s will be at about 18w. so for the next 7 weeks STOP ASKING! I will post (with pics!) when we know. I took the boys with me "window shopping" at "Babies for Us" you know the sister store to "Toys for Me". (side note: Andy saw the TRU sign as we went by on 95 and said "Mommy, what toy store is that?" I think he can read. he can also read "Dunkin Donuts" - Uncle Tommy must have taught him that one.. "Target", and "McDonalds" oh and he can read "Andy" and "Ryan" too!) I can NOT believe how expensive car seats have gotten in the last few years! Now that I'm over the sticker shock, I need to hit Consumer Reports. I looked at the Co-sleeper as well. I think it will work nicely for us. it is the size of a cradle, but more convenient and practical for bfing and it has pockets to keep diapering stuff nearby too. just don't be TOO shocked to see some yarn and hooks or needles poking out... I stash my WIPs next to my bed as it is... and yes, I CAN knit and nurse... what do you think the sling is for???

My kitchen is comming along slowly but surely! I'll have to track down a camera and post some pics. this blog is having some SERIOUS picture withdrawals!

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