OH baby!

I added a nifty little ticker to the top so everyone can see just how close we're getting! I really like this one b/c it actually shows the developing fetus.

I have my 12w appt tonight. we should be able to hear the HB for hte 1st time. I NEVER get tired of hearing that sound! I've got to dig out my copy of Mickey Hart's "Music to Be Born By" SOOOO relaxing! If you click the link, it'll take you to Amazon where not only can you order it, but you can listen to a little of it!

the other REALLY cool thing is that I felt a kick this morning! YAYAY!! it was so exciting! especially since it doesn't hurt...yet..

Ryan had his pre-k visit today. he'll start thursday, then they're off for a week. we could have waited until after the break, but why?

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