Good Question!

Andy has been asking the most interesting questions lately.. "Why do we sweat?" "Why do we eat?" He was asking Fr. Tom if he lived inthe Church and what he was wearing. Observant little bugger inst he?

we took them to the Beardsley Zoo last week and they had SUCH a good time that we're going to the Maritime Center in Norwalk tomorrow.. adn back to the Zoo for a Barnum festival picnic on Wed. I PROMISE to bring my camera this time!

I've got a bunch of photos to upload .. mostly boys playing and such...

I also want to take some progress pics of my WIP. I've got 2 of the 4 Linus blankets done ( the yellow/peach and the pink) and I'm edging the 4th square of the green blanket. Not sure what I'll do for a border. I'm making headway on Todd's socks, but they're going to take a while... I also signed up for another swap. this one is 1 10" square in purple per person. I may take the opportunity to practice some knitting stitches... I also had a GREAT find at AC Moore last week. they had bundles of 3 end run skeins of homespun for $5. Somehow I managed to control myself and I only bought 2 bags. No dye lot on them adn they aren't all full skeins, BUT I found some nice shawl, mitten and hat patterns at the Lion Brand website. I smell Christmas presents! I stillhave that sweater that I cast on and didn't do anything else with.... I dont' like the needles I have for it - I'll have to get some new ones! h yeah I also decided to sign up for a sock knitting seminar at a local Fiber Festival sponsered by my favorite LYS. it is a toe up toiddler tube sock (for Ryan) done in the Magic loop method. so I need to pick up ano ther new circular and some more sock yarn. I'm thinking I'll get 2 skeins so I can work 2 at a time easily and have some left over for mommy. I hate to leave projects hanging... I want to finishe whipping up the Linus blakets first, but the socks are FAR more portable!

ah well not enough hours in the day... maybe I'll get some knitting done at camp....

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