so it was suggested to me last night that Andy may feel responsible for the fire.. it was in his room. I never even considered it! We talk to him about how the firefighters came and put out the fire and staying with Grandma and Papa whiel "bob the builder" fixes the house and we even talk about how the house will look different from it did when we left. BUT we never talked about how the fire started. not with him anyway. so I had teh following conversation with him lastnight...

Mommy: "Andy, do you know what happend to our house?"

Andy: "Fire at our house."

M: "That's right. Do you know what started the fire?"

A: "Me!"

M: "No, sweetie. You didn't start the fire. the Air conditioner was broken and it started the fire. It was an accident"

then we talked some more about fixing the house and how it will look when we are done and what we'll bring wiht us when we go home. I asked him again what started teh fire and this time he said "air conditioner" we'll just have to keep bringing that up and make sure he understands that it wasn't him... My poor baby!!

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