WIP Wenesday

remember way back when I used to do weekly WIP update? Now that I can blog somewhat regularly, I'm going to attempt to resurrect that. I'm also putting out the challenge to other knit/crochet/quilt/craft bloggers to join me for WIP Wednesday. Drop me a comment and I will add your link to my post.
Before I explain the photo, let me tell you a little story. I usually ride the train to work. I knit on the trains - nothing new there. Well, now I'm working at 3 different stations. I have a backpack with my knitting, makeup and about 30 pens. I also carry my clipboard stuffed with forms in it. I left my bag on the platform in SoNo (which has recnetly been made "famous" by this story) while my clipboard and I went to talk to the cops. There was a RR employee standing about 5 feet from it. I guess he went to go get a coffee and some crackhead swiped my knitting! Did I mention that this was Christmas knitting? I made matching socks for all of my boys. I was halfway done with Andy's -the last pair - when it was taken LESS THAN A WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!! I ran back to Joann's got mre yarn and a new needle and managed to get a new pair done on Christmas Eve! AS frustrating as that was, I have to laugh because the joke was on the thief. There was nothing of any value to anyone but me in there. Good luck pawning a half knit pair of socks and some used lipgloss.
The hat is Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret from Strands of Me. The yarn is Debbie Mumm Traditions (Heather Haze) from Jo-Ann etc. It is a wool blend - soft and warm. It is a loosly spun single ply, so it can be a bit of a pita to work with. Each skein also had a knot in it which messed up the pattern repeat. The pattern was well written, easy to follow and fun to knit. I started it Saturday night and finished Sunday afternoon!
Right now I'm working on a pair of cabled gauntlets in the same yarn, but I have a feeling that they will end up being mittens. I'll post a picture of those next week. There isn't much to look at now.
I need to shovel out the sewing room and then I can post new pictures of my quilts. I am mid quilting on the feed sack sampler and I have another quilt top that needs batting, backing and quilting.

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