'Twas the Day After Christmas

... and all through the house
every creature is stirring
and making me NUTS!!!

seriously... that jolly fat ass brought you a ton of shit and you are going to fight over a vidoe game that you've had for almost a year? how about you jump on the wii fit+ and burn off some of that sugar.

Come to think of it, this jolly fat ass should kick them both off of the wii and do some yoga... since there isn't an s-factor for the wii (yet).
So, you can expect a return to regular blogging now that Santa brought the kids a new Laptop. We stopped our internet service shortly after the old one pooped out, so I am "borrowing" an unsecured signal until we reinstate it. I am currently researching our option since we also got rid of the land line. I hate the cable company with a passion words cannot express, so we won't be spending a penny there. I'm open to other suggestions. It looks like AT&T now offers internet with no home phone service, but that would also require us to switch cell phone carriers - which may not be a bad idea. Anyway, there are options to weigh and plans to compare, so bear with me.
For now I try for 2 weekly posts - an weekly recap and TGIF. The TGIFs are really for me, but I hope you are all inspired by them to do the same. It is really quite powerful when you get down to it.

Christmas recap:
lots of Wii games, the netpal and Cars for Colin. Todd got a GPS, some DVDs and we both got new tires for the car (amazing what happens when you grow up, huh?). I got a couple movies and lots of bling for my Pandora bracelet. most of all, a healthy hubby and 3 happy kids. 2009 has been a pretty good year to me, but that'll be another post.

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