'Erin Go Braugh' - means Ireland Forever!

I won't be able to post tomorrow as I will be preparing a feast fit for St. Patrick Himself!!! We should all wear our green with pride tomorrow! Irish or not. Catholic or not!!! Yes the Wearing of the Green was to let the world know you were an Irish Catholic. It was supposed to be a punishment- intended to suppress the Catholics. Instead, it was used as a rally to bring them together and defend their home and heritage. So matter your faith or nationality, wear your green proudly in remembrance of those who fought to preserve theirs!

thanks for the food suggestions ladies! I am eating a LOT of rice noodles! and finding other alternatives. I found great teething cookies for him that are wheat and dairy free (may even be vegan...) other than that we are going slow with the solids for him. mostly stuff he can pick up and explore - banana, avocado, sweet potato, mashed potatoes. we want to push the calories and not fill him up on solids just yet. I actually get the o'soy yogurt for Ryan. it comes in kid sized 6-packs. Colin will get that when he is older too. I don't' expect any of the kids to outgrow the DA. I haven't and neither have my mom or sister. Don't think my niece has either.... any other suggestions are appreciated!

I gotta give my 'props to the Vegans.. I just went to lunch with my office and ordering a meal that contained no: wheat, dairy, nuts, peanuts, or meat - NOT EASY!!! BUT If you find yourself in downtown New Haven and in need of a nice Irish Pub, I HIGHLY recommend the Playwright on Temple Street. They were accommodating to my "please no pine nuts or cheese and can I have a wedge of lemon instead of dressing" the chef forgot to add my Portables to my salad. Before I even had a chance to notice, the server delivered them to me. shortly after, the chef came out and apologized for forgetting them (with an Irish accent!). Excellent food and FAB service! prices were fairly decent too.

now for more C pics....

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  1. Glad things are working out a bit better. It's hard to have to read the labels on everything you put in your card but isn't it funny how fast you pick up on what you can and can not buy?

    Colin is such a cutie! And his big brother are handsome too.