Cowboy Colin

not only is he a CD cowboy, but he has 2 teeth!!!
AND he started giving "kisses" yesterday!! SOOOO sweet!!! I love my boys!

I am in the midst of making them matching easter outfits!! they love to match with daddy... but they've never matched wiht Colin.

Also in new news... I have my First self-published pattern!! it is called Twisted and is available through my store. I'm going to post a pic with link in my sidebar asap. It is a comprehensive pattern for shorties and longies (or capris!) with step-by-step photos. I'm very proud of it! I have the next one in my head and need to catch up on some orders and swim dipes so that I can start on it. yes.. I said swim dipes! I'm making some for Colin and I am making a swim-sling too! depending on how the dipes turn out, I may put them in my cart as well. we shall see!

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  1. What a cute little cowboy. 2 teeth already? My granddaughter is about the same age and has 2 teeth also.