Up, Down, and Around

UP: I don't normally blog about work. I've learned from other's mistakes. but I will say this. I will be starting a new position at a firm in New Haven on the 22nd. YAY!

DOWN: Colin has lost weight since his 3m check up he is back down to his 2m weight. I am working with the fine folks at Breastfeeding Resources to get his weight back up. he is pooping more and seems happier overall already. we go for a f/u tomorrow.

AROUND: In spite of his weight loss, C has grown over an inch since his 2m visit. AND he is rolling over! I wanted to post this last week - hoping to get a video of it, but I couldn't get kid and camera to coperate at the same time...sigh.. last Wed, he rolled back to belly - every time I put him on his back! then, on Thursday, I put him on the floor to show Andy & Ryan. he rolled on to his tummy, got mad and rolled back to his back.. and kept log rolling... I'll keep tying for a video...

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