My Little Contest

So ladies and gents, I am setting off on a new venture. I am opening up a storefront on Hyena Cart. It will cater to the Cloth Diapering Crowd mostly. I plan on carrying my custom diapers (recently redesigned!!), wipes, wetbags, inserts, wool wraps, longies and shorties, and I am developing a design for "mama Cloth". I am also carrying some nursing tops and baby clothes and I may carry some handpainted yarns from time to time. I will announce my stocking times and a sneak peak of upcomming products too. My storefront is "live" at www.hyenacart.com/mylittlecreations and will be stocked on Thursday Feb 1 at Noon eastern.

So what is the contest? well, my store needs a logo!! My creative energies are currently focused on my sewing projects. sigh. SO here is the deal! Send me an email and attach your logo design as .gif or .jpg files. If I use it, it will become the property of My Little Creations and appear here, on my HC site and any other advertisement/marketing materials. what is in it for you? besides the prestige - of course???

your very own custom CCD starter package!

  • 2 custom CCD's
  • 2 CCD inserts
  • 6 custom wipes
  • 1 custom "outing" wetbag

the contest deadline is February 7 the wining logo will go live at stocking on February 8.

you can check out the cart to get a feel for the style of the site and some of the products, tho I am not yet stocked.

ETA: someone asked about the size. I hadn't given it much thought, so I'll leave it to you. I think we can modify the size later if we need to...

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