Pavlov's People

so I've been at the new job a whole week now. it is really amazing how quickly we develop a routine. I take the same route to and from work and I'm finding myself parking in the same space every day! that is kind of odd b/c the garage seems to have some sort of a black hole. the elevator was broken so i had to hike 8 flights of stairs. i was parked on the 3rd floor!the ramp to get out is like 5 miles long... what is it with new haven and spiral ramps anyway?????

so little Colin is getting less little!!!!! but he's broken out in hives in the process. only my kid would have an allergic reaction to hypoallergenic formula!!!!I'm taking him for b/w tomorrow and we may have to use neocate for future spplements, but hopefully we can cut them out all together soon. he is sucking stronger and latching better. it is amazing how dratic the change in his behavior. hes gone from constantly sucking his hands to yanking off his socks to play with his feet!

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