Worth the Wait!

Well it looks like the house will really be worth the wait (which will be one year and counting as of this Friday.) in addition to the new roof and windows - which are installed already, and the new furniture we ordered and the new curtains that I'm sewing, AND the new fridge and stove, we are now getting NEW KITCHEN CABINETS!!!!!! that right !! a NEW kitchen!!! we were able to get a VERY good deal on some really nice cherry cabinets from a house that is going to be torn down. I've got some "playing" to do in AutoCAD to figure out where things are going. we may move the fridge, and the best part is that I can have my kitchen window back! YAY! it won't be new like the rest of the windows, but we can save up for the greenhouse window that I really want. I sincerely doubt that my mom will argue with a greenhouse window in the kitchen. Once we're finally done all we'll need to do after all this is the siding and new doors (I'm not crazy about the new front door, but it is functional, which is more than I can say for the old one!). Of course I'd love to add a powder room in the basement and put a dormer on the back of the second floor, but an addition (to the house anyway...) is pure fantasy at this point...

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