Andy's been placed!

Andy was placed yesterday! He'll be going to Pumpkin Delight School 5 afternoons a week and St. Ann's 3 mornings. Busy boy! We told him, but he still thinks it has something to do with Halloween. he does understand that he is going to go to a new school. He was playing in a box last night and he wanted me to pack him up and send him to his new school! He's SO silly!

Speaking of silly.... Ryan asked Todd for a glass of water. So Todd go the cup and put some ice in it . Ryan told hem he didn't want ice. So Todd said that he didn't put any ice in it. And Ryan said "I saw you put ice in my cup from the freezer!" he doesn't miss a trick! He's so "grown up" with his conversations now. I love how he tells stories!

More good news- Ryan only woke up once last night. He was asking me for his shoes at 4am! I'm not sure if he was really awake or not, but he nursed for like 60 seconds and went back out. he was such a happy camper this morning! Hooray for a good night's sleep!

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