Couch to 5K - Week 1 Day 2 - Running with an anchor

Due to a bunch of errands, I couldn't get in my run before the kids got home Monday and with a cold December rain on the way, I did NOT want to skip it! I decided to take the kids with me. After all, #2 and #3 are hyper and #1 desperately needs to exercise. Family run sounded. good.

Colin did a great job of keeping up especially when you consider that he is only 5 and his legs are pretty short. Ryan kept wanting to run ahead and of course burnt out when he realized just how far we are going. He also kept telling me that he wanted to go a different way than the way we were going. I really wouldn't have minded if he didn't keep telling me we should have turned 3 blocks ago. Then there is Andy. He didn't even try to run. He did walk it though. Almost 2 miles. I am proud of him for that. He wandered in a while after the rest of us singing Christmas carols. That kid is too much!

As for me, I was really annoyed that I had to drag them with me. I was also surprised at how annoyed I was. It wasn't so much that they slowed me down - which they did, but not a whole lot. It was because they were invading on MY time. My quiet half hour. They were talking, bickering and complaining about my playlist. MY playlist

.I love them, but until they can keep up and keep quiet, I think I'm going to keep my runs to myself. I have to spend the rest of the evening listening to "Mom, mom, mom, mom..." and "I want..." and my personal favorite "MOM! _____ just _____! Make him stop/give it back!!!" I don't think an uninterrupted run is too much to ask of my family.

Today's run stats are here.

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