C25K - Week 1 Day 1 - My First Run

"Just for today, I will have a quiet half hour all by myself, ans relax. During this half hour, sometime, I will try to get a better perspective on my life." ~Naranon blue book

Just for today, I will get off the couch and run.

Today was my first attempt at this running thing. I think I am starting to get it. I am not focusing on my knee pain with every step or worrying about each and every breath I take. I can let my thoughts wander. I can meditate. I can think about life's problems. I can listen to my own thoughts. I can sing "Crazy Bitch" while I run through the neighborhood (I'm pretty sure the neighbors think I am a crazy bitch already). I can spend time with me. How did I figure this all out on my first run? My family kept calling me. I was really annoyed - more than I thought I would be. I really surprised myself by being so annoyed. From now on, all calls will be dumped into voice mail while I am running.

I also learned just how badly I need a pair of running shoes. I knew I'd need them, but I just wanted to get started so I went with what I had. My feet and ankles were sore by the time I was done. I will put shoe shopping on my to-do list for the weekend. I have a feeling I will be expanding my wardrobe as well, but that can wait.

The playlist needs to be tweaked, but I was really motivated by the songs I picked. Nickleback, Pink and ABBA - among others... NIN had to go. I just wasn't feeling it. I also need to add "I Will Survive" for my last interval.

I'm liking the app from RunDouble as well. I choose my own playlist from my phone and it plays it during the run. It tells me when to run, when to walk and what the pace and distance was at each interval as well as the total distance and average pace. I will admit to doing a little happy dance in my run/walk when it told me I was half way. I'm sure a running partner would be a better motivation. You know someone who can physically remove me from the sofa. No app can do that. I love that it can keep track of all that information because I have no clue what I am doing at this point. I can just run/walk and listen to the music. Run details are here.

All in all I am feeling good. My legs are a bit tired. My ankles are still a little sore. My knees feel just fine! I am a little wheezy though. It is cold and I had ice cream last night (dairy allergy). I will definitely bring my inhaler next time. Bring it Day 2!

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