weekend in review

One of my FAVORITE Christmas gifts was a copy of Kate Jacobs' novel The Friday Night Knitting Club. I absolutely devoured this book in about 48 hours. I hate when I do that. I really enjoy a book and get sucked into it. I can't put it down. then... It is over too fast. sigh...
I enjoyed every page. There were some plot twist that I was SURE I had it all figured out, but, nope.. we were off on another path.
wonderfully written. well paced and the plot just seems to fly off the needles.
yes, there is the "K" word in the title and yes, there is yarn on the cover. BUT this is not just a book for knitters. This "club" could just as easily have been quilters or a book club or any other hobby group. we knitters know that we are an ecelctic group, but this book really shows the muggles how diverse we really are.
As much as I loved it, I'll not be putting it in hubby's "must read" stack (aka the bathroom book case) - and he is a knitter (as of last night)! This is a good book for anyone who enjoys a good "chik flick" or "chick lit". My copy also included a discussion guide in the back - presumably for book club use.

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  1. I suggested it to my book club. We read it and everyone loved it. Except for the ending. Hopefully it will get rectified in the sequel which just came out.