TGIF- 2008 in review

Since the year went out flipping me the bird on the way, it is tough for me to look through all of the crap to see all of the things that I am grateful for and they are there...

  • friends old an new
  • pleasant surprises
  • seeing old friends in new ways
  • taking a walk on the "wild side"
  • turning 33
  • my beautiful boys
  • having everything we NEED
  • knowing what we NEED
  • tea - and the "tea fairy" who leaves me a fresh pot every morning
  • being appreciated, worshiped and adored
  • clarity of mind
  • strength of character
  • talent
  • generosity
  • beating up "bob" and hip tosses
  • the ability to help - and to accept help.

mostly.. I am not only gateful, but blessed to have the man that I married back. I missed him.

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