My Christmas list and other desires

in case you were wondering...
  • sock blanks and dyes from Knit Picks
  • 32" - 2.25mm Harmony circular needle
  • luscious fiber and yarn
  • Ladybug wheel (a girl can dream, can't she?)
  • a fabulous wardrobe
  • Perfume from hubby
  • new everday dinner dishes from hubby
  • new doors
  • peace, health and calm in my home
  • a hot cup of tea and a chocolate cuppycake.
  • more of Grandma's rasin bread.
  • new toys (I cant wait to see what I'm getting in my swaps!)
  • wii fit (assuming Santa brings the family a Wii - and I hear he is!)
  • long delicous kisses
  • passion
  • attention
  • strength (I'm runnung a bit low right now..)
  • a Manwich meal
  • iTunes gift cards
  • sleeping in
  • an ear and a shoulder
  • a decadant dinner out with no kids and cloth napkins
  • more iBras
  • new contacts (yeah.. I know.. I need to drag my ass to the eye dr.. 'cause I do'nt have enough dr appts already..)
  • new "jewlery"
  • lunch.

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE reading your desires list!!!

    and YES to the cuppycake