Update on Colin

he is now over 13# and he broke the 10th %ile!!! (he was born at the 90th!) looks like he probably has about 4# plus normal growth to go, BUT this week he doubled his weight gain from 0.5 oz/day to 1oz per day! GO COLIN!!!

In a realted topic, his allergy testing finally came back! he is HIGHLY allergic to dairy, nuts and wheat. dairy is done, nuts are easy, but wheat is a toughie... we'll figure it out tho. there is a great heath food store near me and I am sure they can point me to some good substitutes.

Todd actually got the results when he called the dr b/c we have reason to suspect Andy may be diabetic. she gave him an order for b/w and hopefully we'll have some answers there soon.

Ryan is doing great!very healthy! he starts karate on Friday and he got a fantastic report card! he is ready for kindergarten NOW! Andy's was fantastic too!

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  1. They do have great substitutes for wheat. They thought one of my grandsons had a wheat issue (wrong) so we did a lot of health food investigation. The non wheat things are very expensive in the healthfood stores. Check the internet; Stop & Shop has a list of gluten free foods which is really helpful.

  2. I had a wheat allergy as a child. It's tough, but doable. I remember eating sandwiches on rye bread. Allergy shots for me were effective and these days I can eat all the wheat I want.

    This is all personal experience, not from the standpoint of a doctor -- After all, I'm just a cardiologist :)

    Oh, and have you tried soy yogurt? It's a great source of calcium, especially the WholeSoy and Silk brands.