God Bless Colin

Looking like a china doll in the family christening gown. this was HAND SEWN by my great-grandmother from her wedding gown. it is 106 years old. he is the last of the 4th generation to wear this gown.

bundled up for church. the hat/sweater set I bought for Ryan before I could really knit. the blanket I started to knit for Andy, gave up and added a really wide crochet border! you can't see them, but he also wearing a pair of booties that Todd's grandma Berger made. she crocheted a pair for each of her grandchildren so that they would each have a pair for their children. she passed before Todd adn I met, so it was pretty cool to have them.

pouring the water

saying "hi" to Grandma in church

Colin with Mommy, Daddy and Godparents (and a zonked out Jason! - one of these days I'll post a picture of that kid awake!)

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  1. Wow that christening gown is really something.