What a Great Weekend

I knew my weekend was going to be good when I came home from work fi=riday to find my license in the mail. It is finally official. I am a PE!!!

Saturday was fun - even if I forgot to take any pictures -DUH! We took the boys to the park by our house- aka "Andy's Park" we had such a nice time. the boys had a ball and although they both knew exactly where their house was, they knew that "bob" didn't say it was OK to go in yet, and didn't even bother trying. After stopping for "Papa's Pizza" (Mmmm... Yummy!!) we went to the Milford St. Patrick's Day Parade. Not the best parade I've ever seen, but still a lot of fun.

To top off the evening, we went to Rich and Erika's wedding! Got some great picks.

I'm going to transfer more into my Yahoo album tomorrow or whenever I get the time.

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