Attack of the Killer Bed

So, you may have heard about the 1.2 MILLION toddler beds that were recalled as a result of a $4 Mil. fine by the CPSC. Well, Ryan sleeps in one of thse beds. As I was reading the recallnotice, Todd called and told me that Ryan sprained his ankle that morning. He got stuck in his bed!!! Now keep in mind this is a bed that they stopped making 4 years ago and it was recalled yesterday! I called Graco and told them about Ryan's injury (that makes at least 78 kids hurt by these things) and I ordered the retrofit kit. they told me to take the side rails off and wait 6-8 weeks for the kit. So I did as I was told. Ryan fell out of bed 3 times last night b/c there was no rail. So this is safer???? they did offer me a return for a refuns,but it is not mine to return and where exactly is he supposed to sleep unitl we get the $$. He's already got a big boy bed for our house, so I'm not buying another bed now.

The "best" part is when I told them that he fell out of bed (onto his sprained ankle) what is there response?? " Sorry to hear about that." I also reported to the CPSC. Hopefully they'll do something...

Other than that... Todd is reading to Andy's class today. Yesterday, the boys surprised me with lunch and flowers at work. I have such sweet boys ;) all 3 of them!

I'm gaining on my second sock. I'm thinking about wearing the other one while I knit for motivation :) Pretty soon I can start Andy's Green Socks. I think doing 2 at a time (socks that is :O ) will be a lot more graitfying.

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