Going Forward

When events happen that change our lives – your wedding, birth of a child or a tragedy like 9/11 – the moments of that day become ingrained in our memories. The events, the weather, the smells and our emotions our sense memories are so strong that it seems as though it just happened.

With such strong memories, it is easy to forget how much time has passed. I can hardly fathom that six entire years have passed since 9/11. How much our world has changed. How much my life has changed.

I had just returned to work from maternity leave after having Andy – who is now in the first grade. He now has 2 little brothers – one of which is in Kindergarten. Todd and I crossed the big 3-0 line into real adulthood (or so I’ve been told…). We had a tragedy of our own when a fire started in Andy’s room (Our family marks time as “before the fire” and “after the fire”.). We moved out and back home after renovations. Colin joined our lives – and had his first birthday. The ‘stang and I parted ways (..sniff..). I’ve changed jobs 3 times. I taught myself to knit. I discovered the world of “real” diapers and started my own custom diaper biz…

It was hard to believe 6 years ago, but life has gone on… and it keeps on going – with or without us. We can’t go back to being innocent and ignorant, but we can’t hide in fear either… Go.. Live.. Love…

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