Rocked the Short Row Heel

.. just in time for it to kick my ASS!!! It was so perfect! except for one little detail.. I started it about an inch too soon! my first toe-up heel - I guessed wrong.

I got yarn samples in the mail on Monday for Squirt's christening gown.. and I'm ordering it! YAY!!! it is SO lucious! Even Todd was wowed by it.. and he only cares about yarn when it is knit into socks for HIM... oh - the yarn.. 50/50 merino/silk!!! 1# laceweight for the gown and 1# DK for the blanket.

I've got a question for any veg/vegans reading this... what are your thoughts on animal fibers like wool, cashmere, silk, angora etc. I mean, the animals like to be sheared and/or plucked! and the fibers are SO nice to wear and to work with!


  1. I stay away from fibers like wool and cashmere. While ideally you can be kind and shear a nice little sheep and get the fibers, it doesn't quite work that way.

    This is a good synopsis of how animal fibers are not animal-friendly:

  2. I'm an eighth generation shepherd and raise my sheep...naturally and humanely. My sheep are shorn in a way that causes little stress to the animal yet ensures the sheep receives the *quality* care it needs to be a happy, productive member of my farm family. Seventy plus percent of the world's human population don't live as well as the animals on my farm.

    If the sheep isn't sheared, it will, eventually, die. It will either die from heatstroke or get cast, can't rise and then be torn to shreds by a predator.

    The women, and some men, I know who raise sheep, goats, rabbits and other animals for their fiber, know excellent care, happier, less stressed, and more contented the animal = better fleeces.

    If you're concerned about the quality of life of fiber animals, buy only from people who are excellent stewards.

  3. Sandra, it's nice to hear that you treat your animals well. I wish all people in this world were so kind.

    Herself, give my kudos to Todd for having the stir fry for dinner. I'm sure it was yummy and if I was there I would have offered to eat his broccoli.