When did they get so big???

seriously, when the hell did my babies grow up? Andy is reading. well.. a little anyway. and Ryan, well, he just looks SO big when he was playing with Jason the other night. UNREAL!

on the Fuzzi Bunz front... I just got my first "fluff" mail! woo hoo!! 6 Fuzzi Bunz! I have to play with them every time I go into the nursary (aka temporary sewing room). I've also made 4 dozen wipes from recycled fabric and 25 inserts from microfiber towels. you know- the ones you use for detailing your car.... We've also gotten some Happy Heinies prcket trainers for Ryan. they are the same fabric as the FBs, but pull on like underpants. I stuff them with the huge hemp inserts that can usually saok up the nightime flood waters. so he no longer wears diapers! no matter how many times we called them pull ups or underpants, Ryan insisted that they were diapers - he's no dummy! BUT he calls the HH's his nightime underwear and won't put on his jammies w/o them and he refuses to use the last few disposables....

oh- and just after I got the HHs and ordered the FBs, the freakin dryer died! the motor burned out (it's only 30+ yrs old!) and is now a fire hazzard... well it would be if it were still plugged in... BUT we are getting the new one today and they are carting off the old one. buh bye!

back to the sewing.. I made the curtains for both kids rooms and the high chair pad and now I'm making hte seat cushions for the kitchen!

almost doen with Ryans socks.. remember those? just need to BO and find another "traveling" project!

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