Baby Fuzzi Bunz

long time no blog.. Sorry.. Bad blogger... I repent...

before I get to explaining the title of this post, I have to take a little commercial break.. I found THE BEST fish-n-chips place EVER! Farley's Fish & Chips on Lenox ave in Milford - near the Devon PO. SOOOO GOOOOD!!!!

on to the warm Fuzzis! All my tree-squeezing, granola-crunching, eco-friendly friends will be very happy with me now! ( you know who you are! Put down your tofu and read on..)

after seeing first hand what modern cloth diapers look like and talking about the ups and downs of using cloth. I think we are going the cloth route this time! And before you go ordering me some organic granola.... I'm in it b/c it's cheap! Sure you've got to throw down a pretty penny to start, BUT you can resell on eBay for a good return and even if you don't it still adds up to less than disposibles. I'm going to make my own cloth wipes ( I think I can handle serging a piece of flannel and a piece of terry together!) and I'm going to sew cloth liners for my diaper dekor+ so that everything will just go in 1 wash! I tried to upload a pic of the Fuzzi Bunz, but blogger seems to be having "issues". (Never mind! I finally got it working!) you can click on the title to check 'em out. And while you're there.. I am registered.... just sayin'.... but, you can search for it under my email herself at snet dot net...

I already ordered some pocket trainers for Ryan. so we can rid ourselves of pull ups and hopefully speed up PTing - stubborn bugger! Poor kid isn't even the middle child yet and he's the guinea pig!

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